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Correct file preparation is an important part of the process that will result in you getting a top quality job, having your job run smoothly, and having your job delivered on time.
All artwork is to be supplied as print ready in PDF or EPS format. Print ready files are 300dpi high resolution. Made to correct size and with 2mm bleed and trim/crop marks. For full colour jobs, all colours and images are to be CMYK. not RGB. All fonts need to be either embedded or outlined to curves.
All artwork received is assumed to be print ready and free from errors, no proof reading will be done by Smarter Printing. Smarter Printing will not be held responsible for any artwork that has not been made correctly where by images drop-out, layers not done correctly or fonts not embedded.
Any alterations or artwork required by Smarter Printing will be charged at $60/hour + GST
We only accept PDF, EPS files, Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.
Word, Publisher and Power Point files will not be accepted. These programmes cannot make print ready files correctly.
One of the most common causes of disappointment in the finished, printed product is the poor quality of images. This in turn is usually because the image resolution was inadequate. For an image to be high resolution it must be 300dpi. You cannot use images from a website in printing as these images are only 72dpi and will print blurry.
Do not use PNG files in your artwork, these are for websites only. PNG files are made to view on computer screens, they do not have the proper colours needed for offset printing.
All photographs/images must be CMYK not RGB.
All fonts need to be embedded or converted to curves. If this is not done the fonts can drop out of your artwork and be substituted with another font.
If your printing job prints to the very egde of the page (no white border), then we need a minimum of 2mm bleed. The reason we need bleed is so that there is no white area left on the edge of the printing once your job has been cut to size. To add bleed to your artwork you need to extend the colour or image past the trim mark of your printing by 2mm. You need to make sure that there is no wording or anything important in the bleed area as the bleed will be trimmed off after the job is printed and cut to the finished size.
These show us where to cut your printing to the finished size required.
Smarter Printing - Low Prices "Loyalty Card"
Smarter Printing - Low Prices "Business Card"
DL Calendar, DL & A5 Flyer
Smarter Printing - Low Prices "DL Calendar, DL & A5 Flyer"
Smarter Printing - Low Prices "Envelopes"
Smarter Printing - Low Prices " BIC PEN"
Smarter Printing - Low Prices "Name Tag/Badge"
Smarter Printing - Address Labels
A safe zone is to make sure that we do not cut into anything important in your printing when we trim the job to size. We need a 5mm safe zone on all edges. This means that all words and anything else important must be at least 5mm away from the edge of your printing. The only thing that should be in the safe zone area is if you have bleed on your job, otherwise this area should have nothing in it.
If your job is going to be folded then fold the printout to see if the elements on the page are positioned correctly on the panels and to see if there are any problems with folding it the way you are planning to.
For A4 brochures folding down to DL, the front panel (the one on the right when the job is unfolded) should be 100mm wide, the middle panel 99mm, and the inside panel (the one on the left) should be 98mm wide.
Business cards can be printed both one or two sided. Use as much colour as you like. We print everything in full colour, so make use of it — it won’t cost any more! Our standard business card size is 90 x 55mm, we can print smaller sizes. Your cards can be either portrait or landscape. Please set up your file to this size (or 94 x 59 mm if you need bleeds which are explained in the last paragraph). Do not put a business card in the middle of an A4 or any other sized page. Please supply your files ‘one up’. In other words, don’t put more than one card on the page. If your card has a back, please make the front of the card page one in your file, and the back page two. In single page format (ie. Front & back saved as two seperate files). We require minimum 2mm all around for bleed. All file must be convert all to CMYK. Image resolutions minimun 300dpi CMYK or Greyscale flattened tiff files. Smarter Printing Business Card Template
Smarter Printing Business Paper Size
  A0   841 x 1189 mm
  A1   841 x 594 mm
  A2   420 x 594 mm
  A3   420x 297 mm
  A4   210 x 297 mm
  A5   210 x 148 mm
  A6   105 x 148 mm
  DL   99x 210 mm

Welcome to Smarter Printing Web Site

The choice of many prosperous Australian businesses since 1993. Smarter Printing is a Gold Coast Printing Company who specialise in Digital printing, Offset printing and Signs. We have expertise in both the graphic and printing fields. We can design from a simple brochure and stationery to all corporate, logos and design. Working together we can bring your ideas into reality.

Smarter Printing has been servicing many large accounting & legal companies, local Gold Coast tourist & accommodation houses, local Government, City Council and Election Party's,
real estate agents, builders & construction companies, shops, restaurants and many small businesses Australia wide.

Over the years we have become one of the major Gold Coast Printing and Designers. We print Business Stationery, Promotional Material, Newsletters, Magazines, Signs, etc.

Smarter Printing on the gold coast is now in the digital age and we have machines to give you perfect high resolution printing to order with no waste; you don't have to take more printing than you need. All our work is guaranteed - if we make an error we fix it. ON large orders we would send proof of the artwork sent.

We can visit you or make an appointment to come to our art studio / factory to see our work and discuss your needs.

Easy to order simply telephone or email your order. Get prompt, fast printing delivered to your door. All our printing is guaranteed. Smarter Printing is a Gold Coast Printing Company. Printing for local & Australia wide clients.
Our aim is to give friendly service, on time printing and help you through the many steps to get your job into your hands, exactly as you want it.
We are here to look after your printing, in a professional way so you always get the results you ask for.
We at on the Gold Coast offer:
  • Hi Quality Printing & On Time
  • Digital Printing
  • Magazines/Newsletters
  • Expert Advice
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing & Promotion Service
  • All Work is Guaranteed
  • Stationery
  • Offset & Digital Printing
  • Envelopes
  • Full Colour Business Cards
  • Independent Graphic Artist
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Letterheads & Envelopes
  • Offset Printing
  • Posters
  • Docket/Invoice Books
Smarter Printing on time & guaranteed quality
Back Window See Through & Cut Vinyl   Real Estate Signs   Reflective Signs   Corflute Signs   A Frames Signs
Smarter PrintingBack Window See Throught & Cut Vily Letter   Smarter Printing Real Estated Signs   Smarter Printing Reflective Signs   Smarter Printing Corflute Signs   Smarter Printing A Frames
Back Window See Through. Printed Full Colour. Price fr $240* 3.5mm Corflute Signs Print Full Colour 1 sided
  300x210mm fr $6*each
    450x300mm fr $9*each
      600x450mm fr $11*each
        more ...
      5mm Corflute Signs Print Full Colour 1 sided
      600x450mm fr $15*each  
      600x900mm fr $23*each  
        more ...  

* All jobs artwork to be supply, ready to print or we can help with artwork at an extra charge. All Prices incl GST. Price subject to change without notice.
* ARTWORK CONDITIONS: We will not accept Artwork made in Microsoft Office or Publisher as these files are not print ready. We only accept artwork made from illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, pdf or eps files. All images and logos need to be high resolution 300dpi. We will not accept web images or png files. All artwork to have minimum 15mm margin, 10mm bleed, trims and made to correct size. You are responsible for all artwork files received. Colour may vary from different printing process. Smarter Printing will not be held responsible for any artwork that has not been made correctly where by images drop-out, layers not done correctly or fonts not embedded. Any alterations or artwork required by Smarter Printing will be charged at $60/hour + GST

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